Terms & Conditions

Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce (GDAACC)

Noahplex International Consulting (Noahplex)

Trade Mission Delegate-Applicant (Participant)

Space is limited. The Participant’s place on the mission will only be guaranteed when the registration is approved, with the official confirmation from GDAACC/Noahplex, and the full payment is received;

Published dates and times can be subject to change for reasons beyond GDAACC/Noahplex’s control;

GDAACC/Noahplex will notify Participant of any material changes at the earliest opportunity. In the event of the outright cancellation of the mission by GDAACC/Noahplex for reasons beyond GDAACC/Noahplex’s control, all administration costs and fees paid by the company to GDAACC/Noahplex up to the date of cancellation will be fully refunded;

GDAACC/Noahplex has the right to cancel the trade mission trip in case of insufficient participants or calamities;

GDAACC/Noahplex has the right to reject the Participant of a company/individual in case the Participant does not meet the required interest with reference to the sectors of the trade mission. The participation fee will then be returned.


Cancellation Policy

By submitting this application and registration, you are accepting the terms & conditions and confirming your attendance as a trade mission participant. Should you need to modify or cancel your registration, please send requests in writing to

Refunds will be processed for cancellations received six weeks prior to the trade mission start date with a 50 percent penalty. No refunds will be processed for cancellations received six weeks of less before the trade mission. GDAACC/Noahplex is not responsible for the Participant’s own airline tickets or separate travel arrangements.


Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk

By submitting this application and registration, I agree to assume full legal and financial responsibility for my participation in the mission, including obtaining my own accident and health insurance, as well as insurance for medical evacuation and repatriation that are applicable outside the United States if I wish to do so. I understand that GDAACC/Noahplex does not provide insurance for my protection, and that their officers or agents do not serve as guarantors of my safety. I understand that GDAACC/Noahplex encourages me to have appropriate insurance coverage for the time I am abroad. I understand that there are certain risks inherent in traveling internationally, including accidents, illnesses, forces of nature, and any other harm, injury or damage that may befall me during travel to a foreign country.  I agree voluntarily to hold harmless GDAACC/Noahplex, and its officers, employees, and agents from all liability, loss, damages, costs, or expenses (including attorney’s fees) that may arise in connection with my participation in this mission.