Who Should Attend?

Banking and Financial Services: Bankers, financiers, fund managers, assets management professionals, and private equity managers.

Logistics and Maritime Services: Owners and operators of railways, terminals, ports, airlines, shipping companies, freight forwarders, and third-party logistics services providers.

Professional Services: Lawyers, accountants, business management consultants, experts in arbitration and dispute settlement.

Infrastructure Development: Developers, engineers, surveyors, architects, landscape architects, town planners, and contractors.

Cross-border Investment: Heads of sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, corporate decision makers, CFOs and finance directors of conglomerates.

International Trade and Manufacturing: Supply chain management professionals, owners and operators of industrial zones, industrialists, and traders.

Governments and Institutions: Senior officials in charge of economic development and regional cooperation; representatives from finance and commerce ministries, trade and investment promotion agencies; heads of think tanks, academic scholars and researchers.

Land Transportation: Suppliers of technologies, services and products, e.g. intelligent transport systems (ITS), etc. which enhance the connectivity and management of infrastructure facilities like railways and highways.

Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Trade Development Council